Leon Prejean
RN First Assist

Leon has been working with orthopaedic patients for 40 years and with Dr. Cascio for 3. You will not find a nicer, more patient provider. Leon is a registered nurse, first assistant which means Leon is specially trained to perform surgeries with Dr. Cascio. Leon specializes in colorful, custom casts for little broken bones and also specializes in anxious patients with questions. Leon was born and raised in Lake Charles, graduated from Lagrange High in 1971 and McNeese in 1975. He seems to know everyone and always has great stories about local people and local history. Leon loves and knows a lot about everything in SWLA including boats, fishing, hunting, and pretty much anything involving having a great time. He is an expert marksman and is very knowledgeable about rifles and handguns. Leon is married to a wonderful lady named Robin who has a voice like an angel and who you can see singing and acting in local theater productions. Leon’s dream is to participate in Roller Derby.

Emily Territo
PA-C (Physician Assistant)

My name is Emily Territo Meyers, board certified physician assistant. I am a native of Watson, Louisiana. I graduated from LSU in 2010 and received my masters at USF in 2013. I have been a member of Dr. Cascio’s team for two years. I am responsible for direct patient care in the clinic as well as first assisting in the operating room. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and cheering on my LSU Tigers.

Chastity Lemelle
Medical Assistant

My name is Chastity Lemelle, certified nursing assistant, medical assistant for Dr Brett Cascio.
I have been working for Dr Cascio for 3 years. My job is to keep in close contact with our sports athletic trainers and coaches in order to provide timely care for our patients and student athletes. I am a proud parent of a 2015 LaGrange HS graduate and a LaGrange HS football player.

Lindsay Fox Trosclair
PA-C (Physician Assistant)

Lindsay, PA-C has been with Dr. Cascio for 3 years. Lindsay has assisted with hundreds of complex orthopaedic surgeries and has helped thousands of hip, shoulder, and knee pain patients in clinic. You can also find her on football sidelines taking care of athletes and she generously donates her time to assist local schools with preparticipation physicals. She hails from Vinton, LA and enjoys duck hunting and coastal fishing and LSU football. Lindsay and her husband, J.P., have recently had their first child and live in Iowa.

Rose Thomas
Medical Assistant

Rose is Dr. Cascio’s medical and administrative assistant. It’s Rose’s job to see help facilitate your visit with Dr. Cascio. If you need surgery, Rose will talk you through the process and make sure your needs are met. Rose has helped thousands of patients through their surgical experience and will surely be able to help you with your or your employer’s or your insurance company’s particular anxieties or questions. Patient satisfaction is her specialty. Rose handles Dr. Cascio’s surgery and clinic schedule. She is also in charge of the many clinical research projects that Dr. Cascio participates in including shoulder replacement, subchondroplasty, pediatric and young adult hip arthroscopy, and biceps tendon and rotator cuff surgery. Rose was born and raised in Sulphur.

Kayla DeJean
Director of Clinical Research

Kayla is Dr. Cascio’s research and clinic assistant. Dr. Cascio is very interested in patient outcomes: basically, how good you are after surgery compared to how bad you were before surgery. Its Kayla’s job to contact you either in person, by phone, or by email and to ask you questions and sometimes perform measurements of motion and strength. Sometimes, she will ask you questions that may seem weird, but these questions are part of shoulder, hip, or knee surgery SCORES that allow Dr. Cascio to compare how you are doing to before surgery and to other patients who have had the same procedure. Dr. Cascio uses this information to improve his patients’ experience, to teach other surgeons, and to present his outcomes all over the country and even Europe.