Dr. Brett Cascio

Practice Affiliation

Orthopaedic Specialists


Orthopaedic Surgery & Sport Medicine

Board Certified?


Primary Certification

American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery


Louisiana, Colorado

Professional Appointment

Dr. Cascio, medical director of Sports Medicine at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, specializes in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.  His practice focuses on knee, shoulder, hip, and cartilage injuries; he is trained in the latest minimally invasive arthroscopy surgery techniques for hips, knees and shoulders, which reduces scarring and recovery time.  Dr. Cascio also specializes in ACL reconstructions, rotator cuff tears and the arthroscopic treatment of hip, knee and shoulder pain and injuries.


What does that mean?

Dr. Cascio is a consultant for Smith and Nephew and Depuy-Mitek a Johnson and Johnson company to help design instruments for safer hip arthroscopy. Traditionally, the way medicine advances is for cutting edge companies to team up with experienced surgeons to develop better, safer, faster ways to treat patients.  Dr. Cascio has teamed up with Smith and Nephew, a major orthopaedic company, to develop better hip and shoulder arthoscopy techniques and instruments.  A big part of this partnership is teaching.  Dr. Cascio teaches multiple arthoscopy courses to practicing orthopaedic surgeons around the country.  Dr. Cascio uses not only Smith and Nephew products, but whatever products that he thinks are the best for your individual situation.


Past Courses:

Introduction to Hip Arthroscopy – Orthopaedic Learning Center, Rosemont, IL – 2008
Basic Hip Arthroscopy – Houston, TX – 2009
Hip Arthroscopy: Treatment of Femoroacetabular Impingement – Austin, TX – January 2010
Hip Arthroscopy: Labral Repair – Long Island, NY – February 2010
Hip Arthroscopy: From the Young to the Arthritic Hip – Fayetteville, AR – February 2010
Hip Arthroscopy:  Hip Scope Course – Rosemont, IL – 2011
Hip Arthroscopy:  Advanced Techniques – Avon, CO – 2018

Team Athletics:

His expertise has included the care of the New Orleans Shell Shockers professional soccer team, the U.S. Ski team, the Colorado Rockies and the Baltimore Orioles baseball teams, the Denver Broncos football team, the Johns Hopkins lacrosse and football teams, and multiple high school athletic teams.  Dr. Cascio was Head of Sports Medicine at Louisiana State University Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in New Orleans and was also Head Team Physician for McNeese State University.